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Teething Biscuits Can Soothe Your Baby’s Gums

May 30, 2022

It’s very exciting when your baby’s first teeth start to erupt through her (or his) gum line, which happens between the ages of 4 and 24 months. This milestone in a child’s life, however, can cause her to be irritable and get red, swollen gums. It’s also stressful for her parents. While some moms and dads may soothe their babies with teething toys, teething biscuits are also helpful. 

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Instead of cracking or crumbling like traditional biscuits, teething biscuits dissolve when they come into contact with your baby’s gums, which stimulates and soothes them. The biscuits also help your child get used to chewing solid foods. While many infants are introduced to some types of solid food when they’re 6 months old, teething biscuits shouldn’t be employed until a child is 8 to 12 months old. 

All parents should know that young children are just as susceptible to tooth decay as older children. In fact, as the most common infectious childhood disease, it can arise when a child’s teeth and/or gums are repeatedly exposed to liquids (other than water) or food throughout the day. 

If you decide that teething biscuits are right for your baby, they should be sugar-free, and you need to make wiping your infant’s gums and teeth with a clean cloth part of your daily routine. When more teeth come in, you can use an infant-appropriate toothbrush to eliminate tartar and plaque. 

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Children's Dentist near Farmington NM