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Does Your Child Have Tongue Thrust?

August 30, 2022

Babies use their mouths in many ways, with the most important one being nursed via a bottle or breast. While receiving that nourishment, it’s normal for them to push their tongues out because it helps them swallow. While most kids grow out of this reflex by the time they reach age 6, some youngsters progress to a condition called tongue thrust. If tongue thrust continues when an infant becomes an older baby or a toddler, there’s a chance that it might lead to dental issues. Make your child’s pedodontist aware of it. 

We at the office of Cortez, CO emphasize the importance of preventive dental care for children. Our comprehensive treatment programs safeguard youngsters’ teeth and start them on the road to healthy and beautiful teeth that will last for the rest of their lives. 

The tongue thrust reflex helps prevent a baby from choking. But if he (or she) pushes out his tongue when he speaks, drinks or eats as an older baby or toddler, it can cause future dental problems. Allergies or enlarged tonsils or adenoids, or continuing to suck a pacifier or his thumb make his throat cavity tighten. This leads the tongue to move forward to help him breathe. 

A pedodontist is needed when the tongue’s constant pushing against the teeth leads to displaced teeth or problems chewing. Parents need to be aware of the signs of abnormal tongue thrust in older babies and toddlers, which are: chewing difficulties, lips that are open while relaxed, prolonged sucking, or the tongue being in the wrong position while at rest. 

For an experienced pediatric dental practice that provides gentle and compassionate care, choose the office of Cortez, CO for your child’s dentistry needs. We have an established reputation for providing first-class care, and our highly skilled team is proficient in the wide range of services that will maintain your child’s oral health. For more information about Cortez, CO, please contact us today.

Children's Dentist near Farmington NM