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A Thumb-Sucking Guard Can Prevent Potential Dental Problems

September 29, 2022

Most babies suck their thumbs. It’s a convenient and instant source of comfort. The behavior usually stops between the ages of 2 and 4, though some youngsters may temporarily return to it when anxious or to soothe themselves at bedtime. Thumb sucking can cause oral problems if a child constantly sucks his (or her) thumb beyond a normal age. A misaligned bite, an overbite, palate issues, buck teeth and speech difficulties can emerge. Parents must monitor their children’s thumb sucking and, if it continues by the time they turn 5, discuss with a pedodontist if a thumb-sucking guard should be considered when behavioral methods haven’t worked.

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The longer a child sucks his thumb beyond the normal age, the harder it will be for him to stop. That’s why it’s a good idea to inspire him to stop before it causes oral problems. A thumb-sucking guard prevents a child from sucking his thumb. One version is a small split of fabric or plastic that wraps around his wrist and up to his thumb. Another type is applied to his elbow in a manner that doesn’t allow his hand to reach his mouth. 

Introduce your child to his guard in a positive light instead of as a punishment for negative behavior. So he develops a positive association with wearing the guard, put a lighthearted spin on it, praise him and reward him for wearing it. 

Remember that a thumb guard hinders a child’s ability to use his hands and undertake tasks on his own, especially if both hands need a guard. Stay in frequent touch with his pedodontist during the first week to let her (or him) know how your child is reacting to the guard. Then give her constant updates on his progress so you and she can proceed accordingly.

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Children's Dentist near Farmington NM